Seawheat conference

Sep 26, 2022
Seawheat conference


The 1st SeaWheat conference was organized in Spain 13 – 15th of September. The conference gathered 136 participants in person and online from more than 24 different countries. During the three days, presentations from international experts were given on different topics related to Ulva biology and aquaculture, the use of Ulva in food and feed, and in health applications, including bioactive ingredients. Ecosystem services and legal, social and regulation aspects were discussed, and a cooking session demonstrated the use of seaweeds in various dishes.


The conference is part of the COST Action SeaWheat ULVA: TOMORROW’S “WHEAT OF THE SEA”, A MODEL FOR AN INNOVATIVE MARICULTURE where the aim is to make a step-change towards a green economy based on Ulva mass production and utilization within the European community and beyond. The goal is the development of Ulva-based blue-biotech industries and utilization of Ulva as a model organism in European algaculture. The Ulva COST Action will facilitate acquainting the traditional European diet and taste with Ulva, as a new, sustainable, and safe food item.

Dr. Celine Rebours was Keynote Speaker at the last session with the title; "Marine Biotechnology; RRI, Convention of Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, Access and Benefit-sharing Clearing house". She also chaired the session on Legal, Social, and Regulation Aspects during which social responsibility, risks and environmental sustainability while developing new production systems was debated with international experts.



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