Oceans of Opportunities

Oct 08, 2021
Oceans of Opportunities

Aquaculture Europe 2021 was held on the beautiful island of Madeira in Portugal. The theme of the event: “Oceans of Opportunities” underlined the potential for development and investment in Aquaculture for securing food production in Europe, if given the political and social licence to expand and develop.  

943 abstracts were submitted for conference presentations and 560 of these were presented orally in the 39 conference sessions.

Dr Celine Rebours attended the conference with two presentations related to Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA). The first presentation was presenting the CONSTRAINTS AND OPPORTUNITIES OF SUSTAINABLE IMTA IN NORWAY and explore the possibility to use SALMONID SEA CAGE FARMING AS A DRIVING FORCE. She further presented one of her peer-reviewed published work exploring the ANTIOXIDATIVE ACTIVITIES, PHENOLIC COMPOUNDS AND MARINE FOOD ALLERGENS IN THE MACROALGAE SACCHARINA LATISSIMA PRODUCED IN IMTA. This one day session on IMTA also gave the opportunity to meet and discuss with European experts in the research field related to several projects in which Møreforsking lead or participate such as SAFER-IMTA, MULTI-FRAME and the Norwegian Seaweed biorefinery platform.

Photos courtesy of Ana Viskovic, EAS Communication Coordinator